The Habit Series: The LSW Team's top habits

The Habit Series: The LSW Team's top habits



We all have habits we perform daily, some good, some bad. There are some habits however, that outshine the rest. These are the habits that are guaranteed to spark joy, no matter what mood you’re in.

We asked our Team what their favourite and most helpful habits are that they perform daily to ensure a positive mindset and a healthy, productive outlook. Why not use these as inspiration when thinking about what habits you would like to fit into your daily routine.

Lili, Founder

One of the most transformative habits I have created for myself is to start each day with a cup of tea. I have turned the process into a Ritual which I’ve anchored to the feeling of calm and relaxation. Each morning I give myself space to practice mindfulness whilst drinking my tea, to process what the day might bring and allow myself this moment of peace before the rush of the working day begins.

Mark, Managing Director

I’m a firm believer in breakfast being the most important meal of the day. However, with work, family and life conspiring against you, it can be easy to skip breakfast and replace it with a double espresso or something quick with low nutritional value, while on the go.

One of the habits I’ve built into my life, is preparing breakfast (undernight oats) when I get in from work each day.

The combination of oats, milk, cinnamon and fruit gives you a delicious morning meal that’s full of goodness. As it’s just waiting there in the fridge to be eaten in the morning, it’s super easy to make sure I’m fuelled up for the day.

Fran, Sales Associate

I love to listen to a 10-15 min guided meditation first thing in a morning, when I’m sat in bed with a cup of tea, usually with a cat for company! It really helps me start my day in a positive and expansive mind frame. I first started listening to meditations in 2020 during lockdown but I've made a point of trying to do it every day more recently - I really notice the difference in my thoughts and mood if I DON'T do it! I like to listen to my favourites either on YouTube or Spotify :)

Eli, Social Media Exec

One habit I've developed that I think has had a positive impact on my days has been going to the gym in the evenings. Every day, I go to the gym for about an hour or so at the end of the day and it has helped me feel so much more productive. Even if I've not done too much that day, spending some time getting some movement in has helped improve not only my physical health but also my mental health as it makes me feel like I've done something productive. By going at the end of the day, I get a release of endorphins that subdues the stresses of the day and burns any leftover energy so that I get a restful night's sleep.

Louise, Operations Manager

My small daily habit is making sure I play music every morning to set the tone of the day. I find playing 'happy' music or if needed, something more relaxing can really help to reframe your mood for the day. 

Jake, Sales and Marketing Exec

My positive habit that I do at the start of the day is cold showers and Wim Hof Breathing techniques. I start with a cold shower then I go back into my room, I have my Spotify play meditation music and i do three rounds of breathing. 
I start by sitting up and doing 30 seconds of aggressive breathing in and out through the mouth.
After, I exhale until my lungs empty and hold as long as possible. Then, I hold a deep breath for 30 seconds. I do three rounds of this to start my day. 


Whatever your favourite, positive habits are – or if you are yet to create them, our new journal: Habit Notes will help you to fill your day with positive habits that stick. Get yours here on the 19th July.


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