About Us


LSW London was founded by Lili Sinclair-Williams in 2018. Focusing on positive habits we repeat daily, Lili uses her expertise as therapist to curate her favourite techniques, tools and stress busting exercises into a range of products designed to help you prioritise your wellbeing no matter how busy your schedule.


Our mission is to create beautiful, effective products to help you live your most calm, balanced and fulfilling life. We want to give you the space to get away from technology, step into your calm and have a moment that is just for you, every single day.

As a paper based brand, we care deeply about sustainability so we make products that are not only kind to your mind but kind to the planet too. All of our products are made using FSC certified paper, linseed or soy based ink and we use zero plastic.

As Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do”.
If we all repeatedly do things that make us happy, what could that lead to?

All of our products are designed with this in mind. To help you live with intention, reduce stress and create healthy habits that positively impact mental health, wellbeing and self care.