The Habit Series: Introducing Habit Notes

The Habit Series: Introducing Habit Notes

Habits are repeated behaviours that we perform unconsciously. You will have a number of habits that you don’t even notice as they have become so intrinsic to your everyday life. The good news is, with repetition, you can create new, more positive habits. Habits that bring you joy, fulfil ambitions and move you closer towards your goals.


Creating new habits however, can be tough! Particularly if it is something you have struggled to stick to for a while. Repetition is key, but there are many other key factors to keep in mind too.


So, we have created the ultimate habit-forming journal – Habit Notes. This little book will be by your side, helping you to dream up your goals, break them down into habits and track your habits over three months.


It has everything you need to ensure you are selecting the correct habits for you, a step that will be key to your success. Whilst holding you accountable each week with weekly check ins to clearly represent which areas you need to focus in on and any changes you might need to make in order to achieve what you want to achieve.


We begin with a number of exercises and prompts to ensure that will guide you to think big picture in terms of hopes and dreams you would like to have in your life. We then break them down into smaller, more achievable goals. Once we have the goals, we create daily habits that will help to move us towards those goals. 


Once we have the habits we want to create, it's time to form a system that will make them stick! We help you do this with daily and weekly habit trackers. Ensuring that you clearly mark out which habits you are able to perform each and every day and which are perhaps a little harder to stick to. We can use these learnings to understand what we can do moving forwards to make the more difficult habits stick.


Creating, and sticking to, positive habits can be difficult BUT it is definitely do-able. All you need is our Habit Notes journal to get you on your way to a life full of positive, fulfilling, joyful habits.


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