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Mind Cards Bundle

Mind Cards Bundle

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Mind Cards are sets of cards filled with different tools, tasks and techniques to help you create a sense of wellbeing and fulfilment in your life.

The Mind Cards Bundle contains all four editions of Mind Cards. The original set for adults, Kids' Edition, New Mum Edition and Journal Edition.

Mind Cards contain the tools needed to look after your mental health and happiness. Learn to focus on the present, spreading positivity and self care throughout your life.

Mind Cards: Kids' Edition make it fun and easy for you to introduce the power of mindfulness, gratitude and affirmations, and help your child to keep calm, understand their feelings and focus on the present. The actions on the cards will encourage compassion, empathy and self-love.

Mind Cards: New Mum Edition offers a different tool or task each day to guide you in looking after yourself during the early stages of motherhood, reminding you to prioritise self care & self love.

Mind Cards: Journal Edition will help you to be more creative in your journaling and will guide you each day to ensure you are answering the questions that will lead you on a path of self-discovery.


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