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  • 5 mindfulness rituals to incorporate in your everyday with Helena Rose Photography

    Our wonderful photographer, Helena Rose Murphy, has shared with us her 5 mindfulness rituals to incorporate in your everyday.

    Helena is a professional photographer based in Bristol, specialising in product and food photography. She works with ethical and sustainable brands, creating joyful, story-telling product photos.

  • Inside our categories: MINDFULNESS

    Mindfulness has become hugely popular over the past few years – you’ve probably come across it at some point or maybe you use it regularly. It has ...
  • Inside our categories: REFLECTION

    Setting aside time to reflect on what is important to you can be a great way to discover more about yourself and your values and ensure that you are on track to being the best version of you. Reflecting on the words of others can be a great way to question ourselves and our beliefs, why we hold certain beliefs and whether the beliefs keep us in protection mode or allow us to grow. 
  • Inside our categories: KINDNESS

    Acts of kindness don't have to cost you money or take a lot of time to do. They can be premeditated or spontaneous, an action or simply words. However you choose to do it, studies show that people who experience kindness are more like to pass it on which will ultimately create a happier world for everyone. Learn more in our blog here.
  • Inside our categories: RITUAL

    Rituals are a fantastic way to boost happiness and create a grounded, calming sense of being in the world. Creating rituals out of positive habits can help us become more present, create more awareness and more appreciation for what we love. 
  • Inside our categories: GRATITUDE

    Gratitude doesn't have to be saved up for the big events in life, it is something you can practice everyday. Click to read more about how to make the most of your GRATITUDE cards.
  • Inside our categories: JOURNAL

    Writing a journal is a fantastic way to pause and reflect on our successes and failures and use these learnings to better ourselves. Click to read more about how to make the most of your JOURNAL cards.