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  • Body Positivity and Self-Love by Ella Norman, Founder of The Pink Room

    Today's article is by the wonderful Ella Norman from The Pink Room: a shop + therapy space in Leeds that is entirely dedicated to empowering women and freeing us all from patriarchal conditioning. She is kindly offering all readers a 10% discount on her online shop, simply enter the code 'IAMAQUEEN' at check out.
  • How to cultivate a self-love mindset by Lili Sinclair-Williams

    True self love comes from within. It is the ability to love and respect yourself regardless of what is going on in your life around you. When we truly love ourselves, we show the world the type of love we deserve from others. This creates healthy relationships and boundaries as well as an internal happiness that can be infectious to others around you.
  • Inside our categories: GRATITUDE

    Gratitude doesn't have to be saved up for the big events in life, it is something you can practice everyday. Click to read more about how to make the most of your GRATITUDE cards.