Inside our categories: RITUAL

Inside our categories: RITUAL

Rituals are a fantastic way to boost happiness and create a grounded, calming sense of being in the world. Creating rituals out of positive habits can help us become more present, create more awareness and more appreciation for what we love. 

Why should I create Rituals?

We, as humans, have become accustomed to having everything at our fingertips. Access to everything we need or want is only a click away. Our streets are lined with an abundance of shops, cafes, supermarkets, fast food joints. Our hands always just a moment away from a smart phone, computer or tablet filled with all the information we could ever dream of needing, our social lives, our data, all held within our personal technology. We no longer need to think about what would bring us joy, it's presented to us, advertised to us, at every turn. 

We have understandably lost track of what truly brings us happiness. The little things, the daily things that spark an instant of bliss. That first breath out as we lower ourselves into a hot, candle lit, bubble bath. The relaxation of the jaw and forehead muscles as we take the first sip of a steaming mug of our favourite tea or coffee. The pleasure of allowing ourselves a nighttime routine that helps us to unwind as we prepare for a good nights sleep. Whatever it is that seems to stop time in our busy lives and gives us 10 minutes to simply... be.

What are the benefits?

Rituals help to bring us moments of peace in an otherwise hectic world. They help to create a recognition for the things we take for granted. Teaching us to love those moments or activities that are often forgotten amongst the mountains of work, family and life. Rituals can reduce anxiety, increase confidence and positive wellbeing. As Aristotle said "We are what we repeatedly do", if we do at least one thing that brings us happiness each day, we will ultimately become happier as people.

How do I do it?

Begin to create a list of 'things that make me happy...' you can add to it whenever something comes to mind. These can be big things or little things, obvious or random. The important thing is that they bring you joy. When doing the ritual, try to notice any sights, sounds, smells or feelings associated with the act. Breathe into them, allow these positive feelings to flow through you like waves. This will teach your mind to connect the ritual with the positive emotion. This is described as an anchor. The LSW Mind Cards Ritual category has 9 different ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

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