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Worry Notes

Worry Notes

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This little book is a place for your child to write down any worries, thoughts or feelings that they struggle to say out loud. 

Worry Notes can be used in two different ways:

It can be used privately - for their eyes only - as a space to write down their worries. Once written down, it will become easier to understand what is causing the emotion and your child can understand that it is ok to let go of the feeling attached to that worry.

The alternative is to use as a way to communicate with a parent. A busy household can be a place where little voices get lost and it can be hard for them to know how to claim their space. It can be hard to express worries and emotions externally, so this book is a place that they can write down a message and leave it in an agreed place for you to read. You can then write a reply and return it to their agreed safe space. 

However they choose to use this diary, once their words touch the paper, they can allow themselves to let the worry go knowing they are safe and loved.

  • Printed in Italy
  • 96 lined pages
  • Wire bound flip notepad
  • White 100 gsm paper
  • Dimensions 5.8" L x 4.1" W


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