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Sleep Well mini course - day two

It’s day two of our Sleep Well mini course.

Today we are sharing our tried and tested ultimate bedtime routine. Having a regular bedtime routine can help to train the mind to prepare for a great night’s sleep. The more you repeat the same actions in the lead up to bedtime the more you will prime your mind to flow into a state of deep relaxation when you climb under the covers.

Turn off or stop using all electronics at least 30 minutes before going to bed

This includes phones, televisions, laptops and computers. Give your mind the time it needs to rest from external worries or stresses and your eyes the time they need to relax without the bright lights of your gadgets.

Have a warm bath or shower

Having a nice warm (but not too hot) bath to allow your body to get to a good temperature for sleeping is a great way to relax both your muscles and your mind. Light some candles, use relaxing bath oils such as lavender and put on some relaxing music for extra indulgence. If you don’t have a bath, fret not! A nice long warm shower can have an equally relaxing effect and you can visualise the stresses of the day washing away down the plughole for extra relaxation.

Use a hot flannel

Your jaw can carry a lot of tension, focus on your jaw right now, see if you can relax any tense muscles. A great way to help you relax is to hold a warm flannel up to your face. Encourage your jaw and the tiny muscles around your eyes to release and let go.

Create a regular bedtime

Find a time that you can make your regular bedtime. It doesn’t matter what time this turns out to be, but try to keep it before midnight. Having a regular bedtime helps to settle your body clock and create a relaxed state of mind in the time leading up to it. It will also help you to keep your sleep time between seven and nine hours.

Close your curtains

Whether you have black out blinds or curtains, make sure that your bedroom is a dark, peaceful place of solitude. This will give your mind maximum opportunity to switch off and drift into a peaceful slumber.

Sleepy smells

Using essential oils and smells can help to anchor a feeling of relaxation and calm when the time comes to go to sleep. There are a number of lovely pillow sprays specifically designed to help with sleep. Another option is an oil diffuser which allows you to choose which essential oil you use. A few great oils for sleep are lavender, jasmine and cedarwood.

Keep your phone in another room

Keeping your phone out of your bedroom or away from your bed can really help the quality of your sleep as it keeps all distractions at bay. It can also help the quality of your morning as you can wake up without instantly turning over to your phone. Try not to check your phone until you have woken, showered and dressed in order to maintain the restful feeling you will have following a good night’s sleep.

We hope you enjoy finding what works for you, remember, this is about creating the most peaceful and relaxing headspace before climbing into bed for a wonderful night’s sleep. There are no rights or wrongs in this, mix it up and find what works.

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Until then, sleep well,

Lili and the team x