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Mindfulness mini course - Day Three

So far on our mindful journey we’ve gone through the basics of Mindfulness and the power of using your breath to train your mind to bring awareness to the present. So why is learning to become more present so useful and why should we do it?

Well, put simply, becoming more present in both our thoughts and surroundings helps us to notice things we might previously have taken for granted.

It can teach us to find enjoyment in everyday activities or small moments we might otherwise miss that bring us bursts of happiness.

When we learn to savour moments such as the breeze in our hair, the sun on our skin, that first bite of pizza or the warmth as we sink into a hot bubble bath, we can begin to notice more moments that bring us pleasure and do them more often. As is our mantra at LSW London, repeating small moments of happiness regularly will spread out into a happier life overall.

So your challenge for today is to try to apply this as you go about your day. Try to bring your attention to the most mundane of tasks or focus on how your body feels as you walk to the shops. Pay attention to your mood as you sit down to work or what you can notice about your thoughts as you set about a task.

Live today with intention, attach purpose to each moment that you would usually do on autopilot. See what comes up for you or what doesn’t. It is all useful information.

Tomorrow we will be teaching you how to use Mindfulness to reconnect your mind with your body. Get excited, it’s a good one!

Have a wonderful day of being present,

Lili and the team x