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Mindfulness mini course - Day Four

Yesterday, we covered why becoming more present and creating awareness for the things we take for granted can have such a positive effect.

Today, we are going to teach you an amazing technique for reconnecting with your body. Our minds and bodies are connected in many ways. Have you ever felt anxious about something that has resulted in butterflies in your tummy? As soon as the nervous thoughts disappear so do the butterflies. Have you ever had goose bumps on your arms or neck when you feel frightened? As soon as the fear dissipates so do the goose bumps. These are all examples of how your mind and your body work together to create a noticeable signal to you.

This also works in positive ways too. Close your eyes for a moment and think of a time in which you were completely relaxed and happy. Now notice how your body feels when you think of this moment, maybe you feel a warmth spreading through you, or a nice tingly feeling. We can feel our emotions in our bodies, we just need to turn our awareness to it.

The technique we will be teaching you today is called a Mindful Body Scan. Body Scan practice is a fantastic way to reconnect with your body and train your mind to become more attentive to what you are experiencing in the present moment. Whilst taking part in this meditation, you are encouraged to notice how each part of your body feels in that moment. Explore and sit with both pleasant and unpleasant sensations.This is about learning to accept and just be rather than trying to fix or change anything you are experiencing.

So let's begin by lying on the floor with your head resting on a pillow. You can also do this sitting upright, whatever is most comfortable for you. Start by focusing on your breath, in and out. Noticing how your body is feeling with each deep breath in and out again. When you are ready, take an intentional deep breath in and focus your mind to a particular part of your body. This is most commonly done by starting with the top of your head, moving systematically down through your body to your toes but if you prefer to move around that works too.

As you move from the top of your head, down through your face and neck, moving to your shoulders and arms, spend as much time as you need to notice any sensations. These could include tingling, tightness or buzzing - remember there is no right or wrong in this, if you feel nothing at all that is good too. This is about paying attention to how each part of you feels and sitting with it.

Over time your mind will start to drift and that’s ok, that is normal. When it does, just gently turn your focus back to your body again.

Once you have explored every part of your body, turn your attention to your body as a whole as you take a few more deep breaths. Breathing in and out, paying attention to how your body feels as you do. Then, whenever you’re ready, you can open your eyes and get back to your day.

I hope you enjoy practising this technique today, it’s a favourite one of ours. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for the final day of our Mindfulness mini course.

Lili and the team x